Writing Tricks for Lazybones: How to Hand in Your Term Paper on Time

--“Lazybones, ain’t got no time to waste away” The Rolling Stones

Whether this is a research paper on eating disorders, medical marijuana, or the wonders of going organic, this can get done more quickly than you think. You’ll need one day to do this so that you can get up early and tackle it all day - especially for slightly longer eight to ten page essays. Here’s how to spend one day writing a long paper and make it great and hand it in on time.

The Foolproof Emergent Paper Clip and Paste Method: Begin The Night Before

Here’s my life saving foolproof trick to getting an essay done quickly and done well but it takes longer than one day - two if you’re really dedicated. So start the night before the writing begins. Now, this is a term paper, which means a research paper and without the research collected beforehand, you’ll have to spend your writing day researching – and all that sifting through articles and books for quotes, paraphrases, and just basically - things to say, is very, very time consuming. To do this right, what I would do is bring home or make copies at home of all the articles you want to use – when you print them, also print out all information you’ll need to quickly compile the works cited as well. Now, as you read these articles from start to finish - each will be like a paper you might write so here’s the trick - highlight every crucial quote to your paper - now, either cut these out and paste them in order - noting carefully which came from what article or you’ll have a mess on your hands - and order them all in the way your paper will move quote by quote. Now - look at what you have - do you see your paper emerging?

Go to Bed Early the Night Before and Get Up at Five or Six and Write Like Crazy

Get the coffee brewing,, get a pile of high energy snacks nearby - raisins, bananas, and assorted nuts (and if you must have energy drinks, have them chilling as well). Whatever your MO - (modus operandi), you need extra time just in case you get stuck, or have to do something, or just plain start procrastinating again. Everything can become habitual if you let it - so don’t. Now, wake up - really wake up - jogging, caffeine either or both and begin writing within a half an hour. If you really want to do this and do it write, start looking at the quote outline you compiled above the night before. If you work hard and work well, you’ll be able to take a break or finish your initial draft within two hours for a short paper and three to four for an 8-10 page paper.

Now, Let it Simmer and then Revise

All good writers know that breaks are actually a crucial part of the process. Taking your eyes away from your writing and doing something completely different – TV, a nap, or even reading your favorite writers on your topic (which will give you even more inspiration) or watching YouTube videos on your paper topic perhaps, for say, one hour and a half, will allow you to go back to the printed page with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

Voila - If you spend some quality time revising - break - revise again - you’ll have a very well-written paper.