How Do You Choose Great Economic Term Paper Topics?

Although most students think of tests and memorization when they think of economics, many economic classes actually require a term paper. To get a top score in one of these classes, students should find a term paper topic that is unique and relevant to the course. Once the student has found a topic, they can immediately begin writing their essay.

Finding Topics

Initially, the student will want to read through the writing prompt that was provided by their teacher. Often, professors will give specific economic term paper topics in the prompt. If the teacher has not provided these topics, the student can try reading through the textbook for ideas. Topic ideas can also be found in economic journals, academic essays and online. For some of the most common ideas, students can read through the following list.

Economic Term Paper Topics

  1. What are the unintended consequences of seat belt laws? How does this demonstrate one of the key problems in the economics of regulation field?

  2. Is community policing cheaper and more successful than using standard policing? What are the costs associated with both?

  3. What are the costs and benefits of legalizing drugs in society? How does this change when drugs are legalized recreationally instead of medically?

  4. What are some of the policies that make it easier to run a brick-and-mortar casino instead of an online casino? What are the justifications of this?

  5. What are the costs and benefits of creating a gun registry?

  6. How has the Kyoto Protocol made a difference? How has it impacted even the nations that did not sign on?

  7. In the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith is known for creating capitalism and the idea of the invisible hand. In reality, many of his ideas are fairly socialist in nature. Dissect his ideas and offer suggestions as to why only Smith only became known for his capitalist leanings.

  8. There is an opportunity cost for finishing term papers, and students can buy essays online. If it is cheaper than the opportunity cost, should students do it?

  9. What will happen to the world if and when it runs out of oil?

  10. Sports stadiums are often started by municipalities and state governments to bring money to the area, but they seldom deliver on this potential. Why are sports and baseball stadiums considered to be such a bad investment?

  11. What are some of the economically sound ways for actually reducing the drug problem?