Ethical Research Paper Topics

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Interesting Ethical Research Paper Topics from Our Professional Team

We have detailed a list of topics bordering around ethical research from a broad perspective.

Should You Let Everyone Know About A Friend You Catch Cheating?

Consider a case where you caught one of your classmates, who is also a friend, cheating on an exam. Would you tell your teacher about it? Imagine a similar but different case. You caught your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend dating someone else. Will you expose that to your friend? Put forward your argument.

Should University Professors Get Higher Pay Than High School Teachers?

Indeed, a university professor’s skills and knowledge are highly rated than those of high school teachers. However, that doesn’t exclude the time and work investment of a school teacher. Some school environment adds more stress for the teacher than the university does for the professor at times. Having understood these two sides of the argument, do you think both teachers and professors should be paid equally? Why?

What Age is Proper to Start Having Sex or to Get Married?

Are you of the opinion that there is a need for age limitations regarding sex? When is it proper to marry or have kids? Based on ethics, is any sex before 16 years of age, right?

What Is Your View on Euthanasia?  

Some people consider assisted suicides (Euthanasia) to be ethical even though it has not been formally legalized yet. Such people who support euthanasia feel death is better than suffering after all. What opinion do you have concerning this? Note that this is a sensitive issue.

Companies have access to clients’ information

Usually, companies such as healthcare organizations need to store their client’s private data to facilitate their operations and services. Do you think this data storage violates property rights?


Ethical issues usually generate different concerns based on people’s perspective. Irrespective of such differences, you can be sure we will provide you with quality writing.